Since 1939, Bremen Castings has been producing gray iron castings made from recycled material. In 1996, ductile iron was added to BCI’s operation meeting a variety of customer needs. All this complemented by the ability to deliver steel and aluminum castings through one of our partner foundries.


  • Ductile – (2) Four Ton Ajax Coreless Melting Furnaces
  • Gray – 66” Cupola Melt at 13 Ton/Hour
  • 40 Ton Vertical Channel Induction Holding Furnace
Green Sand Molding Equipment
  • (1) 20X26 Roberts Sinto Matchplate
  • (2) 20×24 Hunter Matchplate
  • (2) 14×19 Hunter Matchplate
  • (3) Redford 22 Isocure Core Machine
  • (1) Redford 42 Shell Core Machine
  • (4) Redford 43 Shell Core Machine
  • (2) Dependable 200 Shell Core Machine
Metals Poured
Gray Iron Class
  • 20 – 40

Ductile Iron Grades:

  • 60-40-18
  • 65-45-12
  • 80-55-06
  • 100-70-03
  • ASTM Standard ADI Grades
  • ASTM & ASE Silicon Moly Ductile

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Bremen Castings Inc. offers full Engineering and Tooling support for your initial product design, steel weldment conversion, and existing product. With tooling and fixtures being produced in-house, communication is not an issue.

BCI uses checks and balances to get it done right the first time. By using the latest technology version of MAGMASOFT®, it provides us intricate simulated capabilities for a better understanding of filling, solidification, mechanical properties, thermal stresses and more.  BCI also uses SolidsWorks, Visi, Cad, Cam, Auto Cad, ProE and more on a daily basis to enhance our end result to you.